Vice Presidential Freak Show

This afternoon reported that the McCain camp was testing the waters with party leadership in regards to a possible pro-choice running mate. There have been murmurs about Lieberman as a possible VP pick for months but until now it’s something that I had a hard time taking seriously. Actually I still have a hard time taking it seriously. The other contender potential candidate who is pro-choice, Tom Ridge, makes a little more sense but would still be a weak choice. Most of the media has enjoyed bandying around Lieberman’s name, probably because he’d be such an odd choice, and Ridge has gotten less coverage. Ridge was on CNN earlier today addressing the issue of his possible vice presidential bid.
Even though Lieberman is a horrible choice the thing that gives these rumors credibility to my mind is that he has been attached to McCain almost more firmly than Cindy. Although the Politico report quotes a McCain insider as saying that Ridge is the kind of person McCain jives with (my words) I think Lieberman is closer to him. Ridge seems to have a position in line with most of the other surrogates. Despite the reports he doesn’t seem to me to be as close to the center of that circle as Lieberman or even Lindsay Graham who is apparently not in contention as a potential pick despite his leg work on behalf of McCain. He and Lieberman have been working as a team and they just left for a trip abroad that includes Georgia and a meeting with Saakashvili following in the footsteps of possible Democratic VP pick Biden.
If there is one single thing that caused Gore to lose the 2000 election is was Lieberman. (If you think it was Nader then I urge you to watch this video that I made explicitly so that I wouldn’t have to address this ad nauseam.) Lieberman is a dog and if McCain can’t see that then he’s a worse politician than I thought. The one group with which Lieberman could be an asset is with hawkish supporters of Israel but McCain doesn’t really need help with them. He needs help with the conservative base and Lieberman will only alienate those voters.
In the mean time there is word from the Obama campaign that he could announce as early as Wednesday morning. Some people are still suggesting that he could pick Clinton as his running mate but I don’t see this happening. Actually among these people is my favorite current candidate Nader. If Obama picks Clinton he might manage to lose to McCain…unless McCain picks Lieberman. But Obama has to go first. There are a million good reasons for Obama to NOT pick Clinton but the best in my opinion is that she is a single factor that can most energize the Republican base and right now the best thing Obama has going for him is that McCain can’t fill a room. When it’s all said and done the only thing that really matters is who can get their voters out the door on election day and Clinton would bring out as many no votes as yes votes in my opinion.


~ by citizenworm on August 19, 2008.

One Response to “Vice Presidential Freak Show”

  1. You should know better by know… McCain and Obama are doing this to keep us talking about it. The press wanting McCain to pick a pro lifer is the same people who want McCain to LOSE! As being a hard right winger, I know damm well McCain is not going to blow it on such a poor choice. McCain is starting to lead in the polls and McCain is even closing in the state of New York? If New York goes red that means I can go to bed by 20:00 EST knowing that the White House will be the home of another Republican. Obama can have NM (I’m not sure about CO after the DNC Protesters burn the place down). Maybe if Obama just stayed progressive… he would of still managed to lose. I’m more worried about Howie Dean and what would be his next job, a Chinese Gymnastics Coach?

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