and that’s a wrap…ok closing thoughts quickly before the professionals start commenting on this.  McCain was stronger here then I would have thought but he still, over all, I would say did not do what he needed to here. Obama might not have either though. McCain was flustered at times and almost never looked at Obama even when he was being directly addressed. 

Obama’s failure may be that he didn’t adequately condense his ideas for the soundbite audience but that’s not a new problem for him. I think he should have gone after McCain more forcefully at times and I noted most of those during the debate.

McCain’s a bit confused about a few things and for a guy who’s top priority is foreign policy I’m shocked that he doesn’t know the actual name of the new president of Pakistan especially considering that he’s not a new guy on the scene (Zardari that is).

Ok…off to surf the waves of commentary.


~ by citizenworm on September 26, 2008.

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