Final thoughts on the VP debate

Ok my wrap up thoughts.

Biden killed on that closing statement. I think he wins this prettily handily but she definitely did better than expected. As I said earlier I think what this comes down to is that she’s really good at saying what ever line she’s given with an earnest, straight face. She was convincing and those who don’t look for details and nuance are likely to be reassured by her performance tonight but it’s too little too late for wonks or even those who read the paper or watch the evening news every day. They were both in peak form but Biden is simply better at this stuff. He’s got the experience and the knowledge of details that only comes with a life time in government.

She got a little nasty a few times but over all I think she did well to stay above the fray. Biden was very good on that and never once took her bait–that’s what the jabs she did take were mostly. I think he could have hit her harder and maintained that but he still did well. I think that even among non-pundits this will break for Biden but she was not the miserable failure she’s been in interviews. She was as well prepared as could possibly be expected but still I think she falls short.

So she may have saved her reputation tonight but I don’t think she saved the campaign. There’s already been too much damage and not all of it is her fault. I don’t think this will win back the conservative defectors but it might stop the slide in the polls. Still it won’t bring them back to a lead for McCain. And we have 4 more gaffe filled weeks to navigate so there will be much more to talk about. I hope this will start to loosen things up regarding press access but perhaps that’s too much to ask.

P.S. Gwen Ifill was pretty good but I wish she would have been more forceful about pursuing points with Palin who ignored a lot of her directives.


~ by citizenworm on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “Final thoughts on the VP debate”

  1. the end result is she put a plug in her image leak and things can start looking up for the mccain campaign. now the wisest thing gop can do is keep her away from press as much as they can

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