Andrew Bird Show @ the State Theater

Andrew Bird @ the State Theater in Ithaca October 4, 2008

Andrew Bird @ the State Theater in Ithaca October 4, 2008

I just saw a fantastic show at the State Theater. Andrew Bird is without doubt my favorite artist recording today. I saw him a year ago in Buffalo and at the time thought it must have been the best show I’d ever been to. This one was even better. I cried during the encore of Weather Systems, a song I’ve heard thousands of times. He said that only a couple days ago he finished his new album and he did a couple new tunes. He also did an absolutely killer version of Why? which is one of the songs I always show people when I am introducing them to his music. The venue was perfect for him and he said it was one of the nicest places he’d played in a long time which made me very happy because when I met him a year ago I asked him to come to Ithaca and I recommended the State at the time though I’m sure there were factors other than our initial conversation that drew him here it was a wonderful thing to hear him say.

Obviously his compositional skills are extraordinary as is his playing and singing but I saw him do something tonight that I don’t recall so clearly from a year ago. It was almost as if he was crawling inside the songs and dismantling them and reassembling them from the inside out. He tore apart all the themes, melodic and rhythmic, and totally rearranged them so that each song was like an entirely new experience while still retaining the familiarity (and comfort) of a song well known. And he did all of this solo with only his super pedal (that’s what I call it) and a handful of instruments and amps. Each piece sounds fully orchestrated to such a degree that if you closed your eyes you would swear there must be several musicians playing but it is just him.

He told some funny stories too and of course made himself available after the show to talk to people as he did last time. He is not just an excellent musician but an excellent showman who seems to truly love sharing what is in his head with the world. I am certainly glad he does. This show has fallen just 4 days before my 30th birthday and I must say I can’t think of a better gift than to be able to see this show. He seemed to really like Ithaca and the feeling of the crowd, several times making comments about the city and the reception. I hope he comes back again soon. Andrew if you read this (by some infinitesimal probability), please do come back again. There is much fun to be had in Ithaca so be sure to leave a hole in your schedule so that you can partake in some of the goodness that we have in spades.

Andrew Bird and myself after his show

Andrew Bird and myself after his show


~ by citizenworm on October 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Andrew Bird Show @ the State Theater”

  1. that was a fabulous show! let me know if you put up more pics?

  2. i was at that show AND i was also at the Buffalo show. Ithaca’s show seemed a little shirt, but I thought her performed better than the Buffalo show. I loved the new songs, and I can’t wait till the album comes out! i NEED a recording of this show… i hoped someone taped it!

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