McCain is bungling the answer. He seems to be saying that the unknown is scary and he’s used to being scared so we should all be scared with him because tomorrow we could be fighting in a country we’ve never heard of today. Wow…this is lame. He believes the country is great but that is no response. Again he says a steady hand but that is NOT him!


~ by citizenworm on October 7, 2008.

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  1. i think obama is lesser of two evils but did mccain just win the debate ? he appeared to be more in control than obama

  2. I think it was control only in McCain’s head. Obama won because he tried to give more detail and answer the questions which were pointed and specific. McCain relied more on soundbites and that shows.

  3. i am so out of sync with average americans. here’s the cnn online poll result –

    Who fared better in Tuesday’s presidential debate?
    Sen. John McCain 15% 15084
    Sen. Barack Obama 81% 79437
    No clear winner 4% 3642
    Total Votes: 98163

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